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There won't be any contest this week because only one person entered last week.
Heeeey, but I'll be home before the contest ends this week! *pout*
Maybe this is a stupid question, but does this mean the challenge is extended?
So no one won then? That sucks...we need more members for more people to try.
Awww sadness. I just found this community and thought it sounded cool.
I just found this community, and only have paint to tinker with, but I love to enter challenges, gives me something to do, can't wait for the next contest. :D
Just out of curiousity: will this community be alive sometime? ^^" I'm cleaning up my community-list and if this comm is closed, I leave it. ^^""
It's doubtful. Sorry.
I see... Nah, it would have been better if you had said it's not dead or something ^___^