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Tiny Romances

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Beloved Icontest: romantic icons for all
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Beloved Icontest is a challenge to inspire livejournal members to make and share romantic icons. All makers will be rewarded with a sense of accomplishment and compliments (and who doesn't love those?), and the winners will be granted banners to show off for their outstanding efforts.

Contests run on a weekly schedule, with at least two a week: open and themed. Members will have a week to make icons, and a week to vote. Contests begin and end on Fridays, at midnight eastern (US). That's GMT -5:00. That means I'll be posting new contests first thing on Friday, and all submissions must be posted by the end of Thursday.

Open Contest
Every Friday I'll post an inspirational picture or quote. However, these will not be required for use. Makers can post any icon they like, so long as it's romantic and contain no nudity or other adult themes or ideas.

Themed Contest
Every Friday I'll post a theme. If it includes a picture or pictures, these must be used. If there's a quote, it must be used in whole or in part. Further specifics will be in each post.

Also, each week, one winning icon becomes the default icon for the community.


1. You may submit a maximum of two icons per contest.
2. When submitting icons, please specify which ones are for which contest.
3. Please submit your icons by posting both the images and the URLs.
4. All icons submitted must fit the livejournal size requirements: 100x100 px, 40KB, jpg/gif/png.
5. No animations are allowed unless specified for a particular contest.
6. Icons may be posted to other communities only after our contests are closed.


1. Votes are done through screened comments.
2. Everybody has THREE votes, and should vote in descending order of preference: your first place choice goes first, then second place, then third.
3. You can only vote once (this includes if you have more than one journal).
4. Please do not vote for your own icon, but pick someone else’s that you like.
5. Pick the icon that you think is the best and deserves to win.

Note: You may use an artist's entry icon only with their permission and after the challenge. We encourage participants to share their entries by posting them in icon communities.

Past Winners

Open Contest

Themed Contest




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