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Here we go! There are some really gorgeous entries.

To vote:
1. Votes are done through screened comments.
2. Everybody has THREE votes, and should vote in descending order of preference: your first place choice goes first, then second place, then third.
3. You can only vote once (this includes if you have more than one journal).
4. Please do not vote for your own icon, but pick someone else's that you like.
5. Pick the icon that you think is the best and deserves to win.

Open Contest
We only had one entry, so there's no need to vote.

Themed Contest

1 3
4 (removed after voting started because I failed to notice it was animated, sorry!)
5 6
7 8
hmm, I did not know that animated icons cannot participate=(((
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Maybe you will take it?
Sorry, but no. It's in the rules.